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Wristwatch is an accessory that allows you to keep track of the most important resource for us which is time. In addition, the watch is an decoration that can emphasize the individuality and character of its owner. That is why it is important to choose a practical and reliable watch for yourself.

The "Luch" wristwatches have been produced since the mid-1950s. Over several decades, more than 1,700 unique models and a number of quartz, mechanical, self-winding movements have been developed. Each movement has its own advantages. For example, quartz watches are more accurate, but mechanical models do not need batteries to work.

A variety of materials are used in Luch watches. You can buy watches with a case made of ceramic, titanium or wood with a mineral or sapphire crystal and a strap made of silicone, metal or leather.

"Luch" offers bright design solutions. Everyone can choose something for themselves and their loved ones.  In «Luch» shops you can find minimalistic monochromatic models, classic, retro, watches with ethnic patterns and much more. The Luch watch will also please your children. Children's collections are bright with funny characters on the dial.

Our catalog contains dozens of models of watches. You can buy them in one of the shops in Minsk or order delivery in Belarus and around the world

Далучайцеся да нас у сацыяльных сетках! Натхняйцеся новымі калекцыямі, даведвайцеся першымі пра навіны, прымайце ўдзел у конкурсах і акцыях.