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Mechanical watches are powered by a mainspring, which acts as an engine. Whenthe mainspring is untwisted, the movement through the wheel system is transmitted tothe balance-spring system and the watch hands. This watch requires daily manualwinding.
A self-winding mechanical watch does not need to be wound for everyday wear.The operation of the watch is ensured by the automatic winding device due to themovement of the hand while wearing the watch. If the watch has not been worn onthe wrist for more than 24 hours, it must be wound by turning the crown by 8-10turns.
An electronic-mechanical quartz watch is powered by a battery. Energy from thebattery through the electronic unit, stepper motor and wheel system is transmitted to the watch hands. Electronic-mechanical quartz watches do not need to be wound.
Watch model
Case material
Case shape
Case width with crown (mm)
Kind of dial
Dial color
Water resistance
The watch withstands splashes, raindrops and sweat
3 bar means the watch can withstand heavy rain, hand washing, complete dipping ofthe watch in water is not allowed. 5 bar means you can take a shower wearingwatches, swim without diving. 10 bar means wearing watches it is possible to swimand dive without deep diving. 20 bar means you can dive to the depth of 50 metersand stay under water for no more than 2 hours wearing watches.
Strap material
Strap width
Strap color
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