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Return rules


Legal documents which regulate the procedure for the exchange and return of goods in the Republic of Belarus apply to both the seller and the buyer.

These documents include:
LAW OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS dated January 9, 2002 N 90-Z "On Protection of Consumer Rights", as amended on June 13, 2018 No. 111-Z.

DECISION OF THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS dated June 14, 2002 No. 778 “On measures to implement the Law of the Republic of Belarus “On Protection of Consumer Rights”, as amended on May 10, 2019 No. 287.

In accordance with the specified documents watch products of proper quality are not subject to exchange and return.

On the issue of warranty or post-warranty service of watch products purchased in the online store or in Luch branded store, you can:

1. Contact the organization where you have purchased the goods with the appropriate application.

2. Contact the service centers of OJSC "Minsk Watch Plant" at the following addresses:
Minsk, Nezavisimosti Avenue, 95; Minsk, Nezavisimosti Avenue, 18.

3. Send the watch by mail to the address: Minsk, Nezavisimosti Ave., 95 
OJSC "Minsk Watch Plant", "OTK repair". It is necessary to attach to the postal item a statement with a description of the defect, a product passport.

If you have any questions, the managers of the online store will provide you with advice.

Contacts for communication: +375 29 272 51 56 (MTS), +375 (29) 315-75-26 (A1),

Opening hours from 10.00 to 19.00 daily.

In accordance with paragraph 11 of Art. 20 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus dated 09.01.2002 No. 90-Z "On Protection of Consumer Rights", the consumer has the right to take part in the quality control of the goods. If you wish to take part in the quality control of the goods, please indicate your intention in the application, we will agree on the date and time.

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