OJSC "Minsk Watch Plant" is more than 65 years of history of watch production, which made it possible for many years to produce reliable, high-quality watches "Luch" that keep up with the times.

Keeping the traditions of quality, we have found the very balance that allows us to successfully combine time-tested technologies with modern methods of work, exclusive developments of designers and constructors.

The plant has a full cycle of production of mechanical watches. During its existence, the plant has developed more than 20 movements, and even more watch models have been produced.



We are sure that each of you will discover "Luch" in a special way. After all, we put our soul and meaning into what we produce every day. Each collection reflects its own style. It is always a special combination of color, shape, texture, functionality.

"Luch" is history. This is quality and verified design in all details. This is the watches that you can be sure of at any moment. And also "Luch" is a united and highly qualified team with which you will be comfortable and easy to solve the tasks.    

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Minsk watch factory