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 The "Retro Mechanics" collection is another reinterpretation of the timeless classic of Luch watches.
The shape and proportions of the watches inherited the visual qualities of their distant predecessors.
Six models of men's watches were developed on the basis of a fairly large heritage of the factory.
     "Retro mechanics" watch is not only a sign of good taste, but also a way to emphasize the uniqueness and eccentricity of their owner.
The body material is made of stainless steel and goes with  spherical mineral glass with anti-reflective coating and  leather belt. It contains mechanism - 2409(Vostok) . The watches are available in the following colors: black, white, blue, bicolor white, bicolor black and gold, bicolor chocolate.
All items are manual-wind watches  and that adds charm to the collection, emotionally emphasizing the overall retro style. 

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