Collection "Volat" is a reflection of the Belarusian courage. The watches correspond to the image of the ancient knights in armor and cuirass: reliable and uncompromising. For real men. Features of the collection: case (and in a limited series-and bracelet) from stainless steel, durable sapphire crystal, water resistant 10 atmospheres, quartz movement.

In honor of the famous Governors of the territory of modern Belarus were developed three limited editions: David of Grodno, Michail Glinski, Konstantin Ostrozhsky. The kit includes two additional straps that allow you to change the look and style of the watch.

David of Grodno, a courageous warrior, the commander, is marked that he was never defeated in battle. David was a defender, during the life of whom the enemy has not set foot in Grodno. Konstantin Ostrozhsky, the great Hetman of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Especially known for his victory over Moscow troops in the battle of Orsha. One of the biggest battles in the history of Europe of the 16th century.

Mikhail Glinsky is a statesman and military figure. Led by Michail Glinsky in the battle of Kletsk in 1506, the army won the army of the Crimean khanate, led by Mengli's son-Giray Bitti and Burnash.
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