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The annual collection of watches «Asoba» is supplemented with a new series – «Ignat Dameyka» – in honor of the 220th anniversary of the outstanding Belarusian, geologist and national hero of Chile.

The mountain volcanic ridge in the Andes (Domeyko Cordilleras) is named after Ignat Domeyko; the mineral domeikite (CuyAs) is also discovered by the researcher; violet flower (Viola Domeykana) – a new species discovered in northern Chile; small Domeyko planet 2784; the University and National Library of Santiago; streets in Santiago de Chile, Valparaiso and eight other cities in Chile, as well as in Vilnius, Minsk and Novogrudok.

The dial of the watch from the new limited series «Ignat Dameyka» is applied with the chemical formula of the mineral domeikite - CuyAs, and the color of the dial is identical to the color of the mineral.

The limited model is produced in the amount of 220 pieces.
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