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Watches based on the carpets of Alena Kish are the first in the limited collection “Asoba” of Minsk watch plant “Luch”. The artist’s creativity, which was nearly lost forever, but miraculously revealed and preserved for posterity, touches the soul and responds with something distant and elusive from childhood.

Outlandish lions and birds, dense palm trees - Alena Kish’s imagination soared somewhere immeasurably higher than her everyday world. A self-taught artist, she walked through the villages and drew custom-made carpets, which adorned the walls of rural houses and instantly became the standard of beauty.

The watch case is made of brass and coated with scratch-resistant black chrome. On the back cover there is an engraving - flowers from the frame of Alena Kish's carpets, in the center of which are located: the logo “Ray”, the name of the collection (“Asoba” - “Personality”), the name of the artist, the inscription “Limit Madeleine” (“Limited Model”) and serial number of hours. The heart of the watch: mechanism 1801.1 on 15 ruby ​​stones, with an shockproof device of the balance axis. On the dial there is a fragment of Alena Kish’s carpet “Paradise”: exotic animals painted in the style of naive art - a lion, a strange deer and a bird froze in palm thickets. Hands: hour and minute, black.

Limited collection: in total 200 pieces were produced for this model.

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