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OJSC "Minsk Watch Plant" offers you as a gift for any celebration: wrist watches for men and ladies, quartz and mechanical, desk clocks, wall clocks. For you, we impose on the clock dial branding of your business, holiday (anniversary ) logo or any other image, and also we do engraving on the watch cover.

The advantage of our company is our own production. When applying the symbols on the dial modern technologies are used.

Production time and delivery of watches according special order is within 1 month from the date of signing of the contract.

Price on watches according special order is generated from the estimated selling price for the product according special order and extra charge for printing on the dial.


To check the manufacturing cost please contact a specialist Starzhinskaya Valentina Yevgenyevna tel. ( 017 ) 280-25-72, e-mail: 

Referring to us, you will receive:

  • guarantee of quality by manufacturer;
  • individual approach;
  • qualification help and advice.

Products of our company will be a good gift for you, your colleagues and business partners.

Design and Technology Department of External Designs
phone: +37517 280 -25-72
phone/fax +37517 280 -24-11