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GOSTIME and Luch have made a teeming agreement

GOSTIME and Luch have made a teeming agreement

On 26 October, 2015 in Moscow there was a meeting of two companies: GOSTIME and JSC ‘Minsk Watch Plant’ ( LLC ‘Luch’ – representative belarussian company in Russia).


General director of LLC ‘Luch’ Ambarcumyan Lilit bestowed a certificate of partnership to Gorbachev Vladislav, the director of GOSTIME company.

This certificate approves the partnership status of companies, high quality and originality of the catalogue production which is provided by online watch shop GOSTIME. Minsk Watch Plant relies its production sale on GOSTIME company.

Now according to partnership agreement online shop GOSTIME offers not only mechanical but also quartz watch of high quality which is made by ‘Luch’. It is fitted not only with Swiss and Japanese mechanisms but also with own-produced ones.

Now one can find there, in online shop GOSTIME, watch of different kinds: for men, women and children.

Thank to a new partner GOSTIME company 'Luch' will enhance its position in Russian market and GOSTIME, on the other hand, will broaden the range of products.