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As was the case…

On 24 of November 'Luch' celebrated an anniversary, 60 years. It is the data which reminds us of ups and downs but nevertheless we continue developing and keeping up with the times. 

In honor of the anniversary many arrangements took place. The brightest ones were solemn session and gala concert, where Belarussian popular singers and artists participated. Cheerful atmosphere was in the hall because there were guests not only from the plant but also retired workers who spent most of their lives for ‘Luch’.

Our special guests were the representatives of Belarusian Ministry of Industry, municipal and regional executive power. They congratulated our staff sincerely, the best workers were honored with Certificate of Merit: director of ‘Minsk Watch Plant’ Ege Tibin, our lathe operator Kazerskiy Leonid and other 9 workers.


Our commercial associate director Margaryan Azat was honored with Certificate of Merit of Minsk City Executive Committee, lead account Vinnichek Valentina got honorary mention of Minsk City Executive Committee (other 6 workers were also mentioned). Administration of Pervomayskiy region congratulated Matievskaya Elena, Samohina Maria, Usolceva Oksana and other 19 workers with honorary certificate.

The representatives of Belarussian trade industry and Minsk municipal union presented the Order of Honour pin to the chairman of the trade union committee Kirpichenkova Tatiyana. Our driver Kulesh Yan and watch-maker Dramochenok Tamara got honor certifications. All together more than 160 colleagues got there awards.






We congratulate each collegue heartily! We are very proud of you!

Thank to corporate spirit and group cohesion our plant is confidence in the future.